T56 bellhousing and RXT clutch for manual trans swap

Mike E

Mr. Badwrench
Oct 9, 2006
I sold my car with trans and engine seperate. Neither person had the same plans as me, so I still have these parts left.

Quick Time RM8072 BOP to T56 bellhousing. Can be used with a clutch fork or hydraulic throwout bearing. 1/4" spacing is included for use with a t56 magnum.

TA performance internal ballance buick v6 flywheel.

Mcleod RXT clutch. 6923-07

These parts were all purchased new and have 200 miles on them. I sent pictures of the clutch to Brian Gwin at Mcleod to tell me if the wear was normal and he says it looks just like he would expect. They break in from the outside in (ground finish still visible on insides of rings) and the spotting is normal.

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Hey Mike you sold the Buick? What are you up to now!!
Good luck with the sale. You always have good stuff to sell..:)
Mike, Can you PM me who bought this stuff? I'd like to compare notes with anyone else running a 6 speed. Mine is running and shifting great!
I ended up selling things separately on ebay. The clutch went to a chevy guy. The Bell went to a pontiac. The flywheel went to a buick guy, but no idea if it was for a 350 or v6.