Ta-49-stock hybrid? ? ? ? ?


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Oct 10, 2001
What would happen if you put the exhaust wheel and housng off of a ta-49 onto a stock turbo. Would it be a total waste of time? I've got a ta-49 w/a ruined compressor wheel and was just wondering what kind of hybrid it would create. Not sure if it's too much turbine for the stock compressor wheel though.

well if its a garrett .63 housing on the 49 the difference w/the stock compressor would be marginal. the only gain you would see would be the better exhaust flow from the more efficient turbing wheel. if the housing is a pte .63, garrett .82, or pte .82 you will see more of a gain from reduced backpressure but still a minimal gain b/c you're still utilizing a stock compressor section. btw, idk if a stock compressor side can be bolted to the ta-49 exhaust wheel/housing due to differently machined pieces but its worth a shot especially if that the only tubro you got to work with. cant really have too much turbine for a given compressor wheel. now too little, thats another story.