Tach Install On Hood


Sep 12, 2008
Has anyone installed a tachometer out side their car? Like on the hood or whatever. I am looking to install a 3 or 4 inch tach on my hood. I would like to set it up so it come on with the dash lights and such.

I was wondering if anyone would care to post pictures of their set ups along with tips on how to do it. I am looking for some ideas. I plan on writing a thread up later on how I did mine to help other people with it.

Thanks, Mike:cool:
Hey Mark,
I got mine mounted yesterday. Where did you run the wires? Did you pull them under the dash?


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Tie wrapped them to the braided hose and routed them thru the grommet for the speedo cable and wired into the dash light circuit, that way I can dim them if wanted.