Tapping noise and stalling issue


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Oct 17, 2010
Hey guys. I've been having a tapping sound coming from my engine in my turbo-t. It's taps very quietly at idle and gets louder until around 3000 rpm and then goes away. The car idles rough at times and has stalled out in traffic a few times too. The SES light also will turn on when it starts running rough, but usually turns off by itself after a half-minute or so. Could this be a loose cam sensor causing this? I've been driving it 20 miles both ways to work for the past 2 days, but the tapping noise hasn't gotten worse in that time, so hopefully it isn't a rod bearing. When babying the car, the engine runs very smooth with almost no tapping noise. I'd appreciate your input.
Could be one of many things. A mechanic's stethescope can be used to pinpoint the noise. Check around the oil pump housing, check around the lower intake (lifters), heads (valvetrain), block (bearings or cam).
X2 on the crank sensor!!
Had a chattering noise also and thought it was the turbo! With the rough running then not running, i found out my crank sensor was rubbing on the crank pulley, I backed it off and set it! Car runs great now, no longer stalling and the noise is now gone!
Hope this helps!