Here is the ladder from the TB.COM NATS
#1 - DDAY 6.16@111.24
#2- BRYAN LYNCH 6.49@105.47
#3- PATRICK BROUGHTON 6.50@107.86
#4- BO MCDONALD 6.648@105.80
#5- DARROW WATTS 7.08@106.28
I need anyone who raced to post up their et and mph up for each of their rounds so I can post for others to view.
Patrick was the winner and Darrow was runner up, congrats to both of them!!
I might have this wrong but here is what i think the ladder was!

Bryan Lynch broke in his last round of qualifying for TAI

DDay got a bye run first round

Darrow Got the Broke bye against lynch

I Ran Bo first round.. He pushed thru the lites or red lighted and didn't even get a ET his car Number is 0825
My et was 6.505 @ 109.63

The Semi Finals was Me VS DDAY
My et was 6.491 @ 107.73 DDAY 6.576 @ 109.60

Final Round Me VS Darrow
My et was 6.602 @ 106.71 Darrow 7.320 @ 99.03

My car got run to death and i was also racing in TAI and didn't get hardly any cool down time between rounds.

David do you have the actual ladder from the tower?
Yes I have the ladder. Just wish I would not of spun,but that's racing. The bye run I had was a 6.14 with a 1.31 sixty.

Yes Sir that hot rod is Flying :) i wish i could sixty that hard!

You ran in the 6.1x area all day didn't you?
Yes it ran in that range all day. Congrats again to both of you. Was a great time and event. We can't forget the sponsors who helped support this event and our class, thanks to everyone who helped in any way to put this event together.
June 10th and 11th Grapple at Gateway! !!
Sponsorship as of now Hartline performance, Don Cruz Performance, Boost Crew, American Tire Dist.,A&B auto body,BG products, Turbo stitches and we are waiting on several more to be finalized.
Dday you are doing a great job with attaining sponsorship for our THS class. How many THS car's will there be at Grapples this weekend. Sorry I want be able to attend but will see you in BG this September.

Haulz A