Te-45a upgrade


Asian man #1
Right now I am upgrading my turbo...

My old stuff is...

Stage 4 Cheetah
2.5" Turbonetics DP
Hooker Headers

I am going to move up to...
Stock headers
Hooker/ATR exhaust (still trying to make up my mind).

Basically, I have Duttweiler big valve iron heads, .030 over with trw forged pistons, erson lc-11 turbo cam, walbro 340 pump (hotwired), art carr 9" 3200 stall conv, duttweiler fmic, be-cool alum radiator, & dual flex a lite fans.. and some other little stuff.

When I upgrade the turbo, I want to know what # injectors I should get. Red Armstrong said 42's should be good for now... I was wondering if the double pumper + 72lb injectors would be ideal? How is the gas mileage/streetability with this combo?

edit - oh and from what people tell me (red, my friend..) this set up should get me into the tens...is this true?are there any other things I should look into?
You have 10 second parts there, but I'm sure you know it will be tuning that gets you a ten second timeslip. 72s and a TE45A is a common combination. Works well and many have used that combo to run fast. The only problem I see for you is your converter. 3200 stall isn't likely to cut it. I'd say more like 3500-3600. :) Good luck.
I have heard of a lot of people saying that the turbo spooled fine on the 3200. With a turbo llike that I would think you need more, but I see a lot of posts with people happy with their 3200's... hmm.
Your combo should be fine Its all a matter of how hard you want to make it run. Some guys buy all the big go fast stuff and run real stout mph or times for the amount of boost they're running. The problem is alot of guys start getting a little gun shy once they get them $$'s wrapped up in it. They then are afraid to utilize the parts properly and handicap them selves by sticking to the lower boost levels.

As far as the convertor goes 3200 should be absolutely fine. I spool up a 63 no probs on a stock long block and two of my buddies run 70's on built motors with 3200's. I think alot of people would be real suprized at the way a 70 spools and pulls with a 3200. Infact I would be closer to advising you on going tighter than looser. Me and my 2 freinds all hit over drive with the 3200 n/l convertors. With the lower rpm shift point of my stock cam I'm into OD with about 300' of track to go. It takes more HP than I got to pull hard in OD. I think a tighter convertor would give me more mph d/t less slipping PLUS more mph d/t staying out of OD. Now the higher the stall for the same size convertor the less efficient it will be. The 3500 may give a little less lag on the street and may show a slightly better 60' at the track, but every other situation its going to be losing. You'll lose more mph with it, you'll build more heat in the tranny ect. Its kind of one of them watch what you wish for because you might get it. Bare minimum I would suggest to try the 3200 first and then make a decision. Also keep in mind there are more factors to spool up than just turbo and stall.

A TE45a is a 66mm turbo. If that compressor maps out the same as a Turbonetics T66 then you should like it. A T66 has one of the sweatest looking compressor maps Ive seen.

I wouldn't run a set of 43's on a motor with heads, cam, fmic and a 45a turbo. You got all the stuff to put alot of air into the motor so you HAVE to have the fuel to go with it. You wont make your HP with out the fuel there and you'll also risk blowing up the motor. You spent the $$'s to flow enough air to build 10 second HP so you really should do what you have to to insure you''ll be able to consitently supply 10 second HP worth of fuel. Get the injectors before the double pumper. You can run new fuel lines with less restrictions and bends in them than the stock ones. That and a volt booster can do alot towards getting enough fuel. I was talked out of a dual pump set up when I did my new fuel system. Now I'm not to the point yet that I needed a radical fuel system but my 340 was dying and I knew I would be in big fuel pump territory soon any way. Alot of guys run dbl pumpers or other secondary pump set ups with no issues. Alot of guys have also smoked motors that they had a few grand in because the second pump didnt kick in. A nice big areomotive pump set up can be done for similar amount of $$'s than a dbl pumper. You wont have to worry about 2nd pump failures.

g/l with your set up: Jason
I'm the doing samething right now. I'm using 72's a 3600-3800 l/u and ATR's double pumper. Another guy I know had a 3400 and had some problems spooling the 45a but when he switched to a 3600-3800 stall it fixed his problem.
What are some of these guys doing wrong? Adding stall to get the turbo to spool is like a band-aid fix to try to mask over a problem.

I don't think they are doing anything wrong and a 3600 stall is the correct setup for a TE-45A......if you want to launch with decent boost at the track....other things like proper fueling and well flowing heads and exhaust help, but the 45A needs the higher stall.....this has been proven time after time....a Vigilante multi disc lockup (6 pump) works just dandy with this turbo and will get you to 130 mph at 5600 rpm
i dont know where you guys get 3600 stall from.

my PT70 spools like lightning with an Art Carr 3200. and i can leave with as much boost as i want.

its better to tune your car to spool fast then have more stall, but tuning can only do so much.

when u add more stall , be ready for more top end slip.

Dr Boost's car is one of the two cars I'm refering to. The other one was Nashty's. Ive rode in Dr's car and Ive drove Nashty's. They both have 70 turbos and run 3200 art carr 9" n/l. Nashty's car even had a big 4 bolt exhaust housing on it.
I was told by Jack Cotton when I bought my convertor to go with the n/l. He said it would be more responsive on the street than the PI 9.5 l/u. Maybe thats where some of the difference is. We are comparing advertized stall of "apples to oranges". Anyway Cotton had them both and for the same price. He said I would be happier with the art carr n/l so thats what I went with.
The only thing I'm unhappy with about my TC is my mph on the big end. TTA guys especially with l/u TC tend to pull some high mph for thier ET's. I feel my mph is low d/t TC slippage and having to run in over drive the last FEW HUNDRED feet of the track. Its a challeng to get a car to pull hard in OD w/o ported heads. Approximately my last 8 mph is picked up in OD. Because of this I feel that more stall would slow me down. I already 60' pretty stout and feel that higher stall would only cause more slippage, make me grab OD even sooner, and slow me down even more.

There is no clear definition of stall speed so it is very difficult to say who has what. I would consider my convertor to have a 32-3400 rpm stall but you guys may think differently. It all depends on whether you are talking about stall rpm measured at 0 psi, 5 psi, 10 psi, or maybe max psi that you can possibly hold on the foot brake or t-brake for that matter. In general, i think most guys refer to a convertor as a 34-3600 for a TE45A and higher than that for a 70. Your 3200 rpm stall may be way looser than my 3200 rpm stall ???
Most people do not know this, but John is always making his 45a better. I am not sure how many revisions it has gone through, but just recently he changed the compressor wheel. It will spool faster and move more air. He does not like telling people this as it adds to confusion, but I just wanted to let y'all know. Oh, the new wheel is a 67mm, up from the 66.:)
Originally posted by Taffy
Most people do not know this, but John is always making his 45a better. ...Oh, the new wheel is a 67mm, up from the 66.:)

I thought he was going to call it a Te45b.