Te44 precision ex housing vs te60 garrett ex housing


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Mar 25, 2005
Which turbo would match better with ported heads, step above stock cam (194/204) & restalled d5? Trying to retain low end response while taking advantage of the champion irons up top....thanks
The Garrett .63 won't give up power on that small ex wheel unless it causes the boost to drop off at high rpm and is the only housing that should be used with that turbine unless the engine has enough potential to run 120+ trap speeds. Usually the t04e60 compressor runs out of breath before that. Spool with a restalled d5 will be noticeably quicker with the Garrett .63. The te60 will spool faster since both have the same turbine and the 60-1 compressor is only about 10 grams heavier than the t04e60. Both are more volume wheels than pressure wheels. Id go with the te60 because the compressor is better suited to the heads and cam if you are looking for power. Ideally you would pick up huge with more turbine and a better converter. Probably half a second and 6-7mph with converter and larger turbine even if the 60-1 compressor is kept. Also that cam isn't helping anything with the backpressure situation you will have running the small turbine. I'd close the ex valve before tdc @.050 and run the CR up in the 9:1 range to get the most out of it.
Thanks for the informative reply, the motor (still out of the car)is a stock rebuild w/ the exeption of the champ irons, intentions are for a quick reliable street car trying to keep turbo/cam/tc simple and geared to retain the low end these cars were once known for , all the better that it can be accomplished w/ a slightly larger turbo that breathes better up top but will still spool quick cuz of a garrett e.h.,...seems to me a fun quick street car is dictated by keeping a tight stall w/ turbo and cam to match thats why i chose that cam..hopefully this will be the year i can set aside some time and dough to get my car back on the road..i will check w/ you for a turbo when the time comes..thanks-dan