tear down!


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
Hey everyone. I began the teardown of the 84 t yesterday, just getting the simple-er things out of the way. So far, alternator, throttlebody and turbo, up pipe, down pipe and a couple minor hoses and a few wires have been pulled. I was pleased to find that it only took about one hour to pull all of that stuff off, and I began locating and marking every other bolt that comes off next.

I am tring to disassemble as much as I can from the motor to lighten up the load, as the car is immobal at this time, so we're going to be practically deadlifting the motor out. I plan on pulling the intake and heads, front cover and radiator next, then maybe the motor can come out a little easier. I am looking for information or diagrams or schematics of the harness and all, so that when I pull it, i wont forget where it goes back. I figure the car will be sitting much longer, so i dont want to be up any creek, without a paddle.

Besides that, got any tips? Can I do anything better? Thanks a bunch everyone!

great idea, and ever since I bought the car, it's been in the cross hairs. I take digital pics the most, but there are plenty of prints on my shelves. I will try to post any updates and pics on my new homepage. john's T-Type
Thanks for that tip!

I usually pull mine in longblock form including the intake manifold. The only trouble I had putting it back together after a year was which side of the fuel lines the harness went on. No need to pull the front cover or heads. It's much easier on an engine stand.
I always put nuts and bolts together in small groups in plastic sandwich bags along with a piece of paper describing what they are for or where they go. Makes the re-assembly process a little easier.
Try this !!!!

Get a small pack of electric labeling numbers. Put like numbers on wires and hoses and what they connect to. That makes it idiot proof. After you have been in and out with the eng. a few time, you will not need the #s---Best of luck
That's the truth. I can throw all my bolts in a coffee can and know exactly where each one goes when the time comes to put it back together. Not sure if that's a good thing though. I think I've pulled it too many times.
What is the eletric labling numbers? I have a digitl camera that has been doing most of the documentation, but the nuts and bolts are basically kept on the item I remove. The plastic baggies is a darn good Idea. I am going back to the garage tomorrow to take another whack at it, maybe I will get all the fuel lines and that stuff out of the way, plus the wonderful harness.. Thanks a bunch everyone!

I went something along the line of Lee but, I used those little tags with the string attached. You can use a number system on the plug and the item it attaches to or write the name on them. When you undo the harness if you go from fire wall to fire wall and lay the harness aside when you reinstall most of the plugs will come close to where they attach.
Pictures work really great I used them too.