Temp guage vs. Scanmaster reading


Anyone experienced their temp gauge reading hotter than the scanmaster reading? Is it because the temp guage reads from a different sensor? Does that explain it? I have a electric VDO gauge. Car usually runs mid 170's on the street but gets up to almost 210 after a 1/8 mile run but quickly cools back down. Water pushes to the overflow tank but then runs back to the radiator under normal driving. thanks
2 completly different Senders. Mine are close but not exactly the same. When the Temp gauge says 210 what does scanmaster say
I should have included that - guage 200 vs. scanmaster at 190. Pretty much about ten degrees regardless. thanks
My autometer electric water temp gauge reads cooler than the Scanmaster does. I have the sensor for the gauge where the temp idiot light sensor used to be. Before the VDO gauge read hotter than the Scanmaster and it was tapped into the side of the engine block near the oil pan drivers side.

I'd believe the scanmaster far before these guages. i don't care if its autometer, VDO Quickcar, they are all being mass produced and the quality is not what it used to be. i have sold more guages than the law allows and this is a very common problem.