Ten Reasons T Shirts from TB Nats

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
For the Turbo Buick Nats we did a special run of just a few dozen T shirts in large and extra large only. (The sizes do run big for the sizes indicated). The wording is in black on a ash grey T-shirt. They are a cotton T-shirt preshunk.
We did TWO VERSIONS, both T shirts are based on The Ten Top Reasons format. Here is the Top Ten Reasons for each T shirt. The price is just $25 each which includes priority mail. Or buy any combination of 2 for just $45 which includes priority mail! Be sure to specify which you want when you email me personally denniskirban@yahoo.com
Payment preferred is PAYPAL Below is the copy that appears on each ash grey cotton T shirt on the front. If you ever been to Richards Toy room the below 10 reasons will definately make sense. You must email me to order!!!!!
The copy appears on the front of the T shirt. We presented to Richard to hang in his shop a 2 foot by 4 foot vinyl banner with the TOP TEN REASONS TO VISIT RICHARD CLARK’S TOY ROOM
Richard Clark’s Toy Room
10 - See why the “Snap On” salesman for Richard’s shop is bringing in six figures every year.
9- The only shop where you can get your turbo car totally rebuilt, pee in a cup, get your DNA test results, and even get a CD explaining your DNA sample!
8- Every dog in a five-mile radius get a treat when Richard’s car pulls in the driveway.
7- While you may have two or three of the same tool, Richard has enough to not even use the same tool twice in a month.
6- His Turbo Buick parts inventory currently exceeds GM’s Turbo Buick parts inventory.
5- While others may claim to have a large collection of Turbo Buick cars and parts this place holds the title in the real world.
4- While some owners may find it perplexing to work on these cars, Richard enjoys the challenges.
3- The local Burlington SPCA has designated this location as a secondary drop-off point.
2- Every tool can be found here, it it’s not here it’s only because Richard has misplaced it.
1- Every possible method of testing Buick Turbo parts can be found there.
The other ash gray t-shirt we did for the event was entitled TOP TEN REASONS TO OWN A TURBO REGAL
10- I was impressed with the factory black paint job.
9- I love the constant challenge of trying to eliminate oil leaks.
8- I wonder where the “power” is in the operation of the power windows.
7- My wife says I needed a spending outlet for my money.
6- In 100 degree days, I refuse to turn on the AC because it slows the car down.
5- I was told these cars are never stolen.
4- My joy of owning a T-Tops car was quickly shattered during the first major thunderstorm.
3- I wanted to learn more about powermaster brake systems.
2- I own what is recognized as the fastest U.S. Production car produced in 1987, yet the speedometer only reads to 85 mph.
1- The uninformed think its a Monte Carlo, the informed won’t challenge me to a race.
Again in review, above is the wording for the 10 Reasons T-shirts featured on the front of each of the two shirt designs. The printed copy is in black on a nice ash gray cotton T-shirt. We have a limited number available in large or extra large only. Prices include priority mail shipping to your door either $25 each or any 2 for $45.
You must email me to place your order denniskirban@yahoo.com We have no plans to make more of these once these have been sold out. Specify which you want when ordering. Either Richard Clarks Top Ten Reasons or Turbo Regal Top Ten Reasons.
Here is the front of both of the 10 reasons T shirts we did in ash gray large and extra large quantities are limited. specify which you want and email me direct denniskirban@yahoo.com see original first posting I did for more details.