Terry Houston Exh

Speaking of TH, what are guidelines for selecting downpipe diameter? What's the largest? Some have posted "fit" problems, especially in heater box area---Is some of this due to various heights of motor mounts? How much is gained from the best DP?
And, lastly, ideally, should the DP be ceramicoated? If so, who does great work on our GN parts?
the motor mounts can compress on the passenger side over time.This is a result of the engine torquing over.Sometimes the motor mounts can be loosened and the motor shifted for clearance.
Ok Ok ,so no one uses Terry's 2 1/2" dual system?
Just wanted a little feedback .
i have his 2.75" system with 3" dyno max Race mags. i liked the way it fit it sounds awesome with the 3" mufflers however i have heard the 2.5 mufflers drone and are very loud! but the fit and finish of the TH system is very nice.

hope that helps
Not that it's a huge issue, but you may want to compare the construction of that system with that of the ATR system. From what I've been told, the collector on the TH system is not stainless and the overall finish is not quite as nice as the ATR. However, I believe that the TH system is a bit cheaper though.....

Just my .02