Testing second fuel pump?


I have a double pumper, is there any way to tell that the second pump is going to kick on/wired rite for sure without hooking up an LED?
First of all it depends on how it is wired up and what triggers it.

If it's a Hobbs type pressure switch you could do an led off that to make sure it triggers at the right boost.

You could log pressure at the second pump with a transducer and your power logger.

You could log overall pressure and make sure there's no real big spikes or drops at the trigger boost which is probably the best thing to do.

You can test the system if triggered by boost using regulated compressor air into the triggering device and check the pump that way.

LED is also easy on the line to the pump itself as close to the pump wiring as possible which will check voltage at that point when triggered.
Yeah, I just use the air compressor. If it's a Red Armstrong unit the car doesn't even have to be on, which makes it easy to hear the pump.