TH350C tips


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Can you dual-feed the direct clutch in a th350c? I seem to recall hearing that the converter wont lock when you dual-feed. Any truth in that? This trans is going in my dads 81 GMC truck 4X4 ( was deisel powered,now has a 455 Olds:D !) I dont want to have to remove the trans and transfer case later to install the center seal if this mod wont work. Any other high performance tech tips for a 350C? I love this forum, I learn somthing new almost every day! Thanks!
Been dual feeding both TH350 and TH350c trannies since I started 21 years ago and no adverse affect on the lockup trans at all.
You'll have to plug the reverse feed side of the direct clutch in the case. This is where the pump assembly mates to the case.Otherwise the converter will not lockup. Use a 5/16 cup plug and leave 4th sealing from the end off the stator support.
Works for me! Thanks for the help, looking forward to getting this truck on the road again!:smile: