Thanks Miguel & Everyone for a EXCELLENT party!


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Jun 2, 2002
;) It was A EXCELLENT TIME! I am still stuffed from the pork.


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That pork was de-licious.:smile:
More. ALSO THANKS TO THE VENDORS JACK, SHANE, MARK, BRIAN.. Sorry if I left anyone out


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Good time, great food, wonderful people, and the weather was perfect. Who could ask for anything more? :biggrin:
Thanks Miguel, and all of the sponsors for a great time.

It was nice to see so many nice cars, and to put some faces to names.

Great food, nice cars, nice people, and great can you ask for a better way to spend a Saturday.
Great time and hat's off to Miguel for hosting this shindig! Quite a turnout this year and was pretty cool seeing cars coming from out of state. Food was excellent as usual. Glad to be able to help out with the door prizes.

Just got back from the Berlin Turnpike cruise, had a caravan of around 10 cars that ended up heading down after the get together. Must have looked pretty impressive going down the road.

This event will be even bigger and better next year.:)
Thanks for posting pics.

Thanks to Miguel and AJ for all the hard work. Thanks to vendors for prizes.

Beautiful day. Nice to meet all the people from NH, Mass.,NY, and Conn. and put names and cars to people from the board.

Thanks to Jim, Dave, and Jesse and others for letting me poke around their cars.

Glad to hear the Berlin Pike Cruise went well.:)
Had a great time. Thanks, Miguel and AJ. You guys did an awesome job! I am looking forward to installing the radiator boxing panels from GNS that I won in the raffle. Thanks, again, guys.
Nice line up of cars :D

I am hoping Nelson F. GNFLYBY Post video of everyone leaving GETTING ON IT! & the Berlin cruise.

On the way home a Z28 did not want to play with TTA or TT

Also past a bunch of 50's led sleds. If I could only post videos
Buick Grand National Event--Pat's Auto Care, Inc.-Thank You All!

I want to give a special Thank You EVERYONE, for coming to our Buick Gathering this year! You all made everything SUPER SPECIAL!!!:cool: It was an incredible pleasure to have met all of you in person. Next year is going to be even more spectacular. There will be trophies, t-shirts along with our raffles and of course food, lots of it, lol. A big thank you to AJ, Tony G., for giving me such a supportive hand with this event without your contributions of time and effort this would not be as organized and efficient. Also, Nelson A.K.A. GN Flyby for joining us and the video it was such a great pleasure. Thank you to all the Vendors: Brian-G-Body, Jack Cotton-Cotton's Performance, Shane-Big Wood, Otto-Otto's Performance, Mark-TR Customs, Bobby-RPE, Scott-GNS! I just cannot say enough thanks and I could not possibly express the gratitude my heart has to each and every single individual and their families for taking time out of their routines to come to this event. I am truly grateful and again such an incredible pleasure to be in your company. Buicks may be a dying breed of car but we will keep the tradition alive and well through networking via this event. This is a tradition that I hope we can maintain for many years to come. Again, I cannot thank you all enough, God Bless, see you all next year!;) OH BIG THANK TO JIMMY MORRISON!;)
Great time today nice to meet some of you northern brothers! Good to see some faces and shoot the bull with people I haven't seen in awhile!

I have my pics up and they are at this link.....

2nd Annual Pat's Auto Care Party - a set on Flickr

This pic sums it up! :D


Ty this funny skinny guy was there! He almost looked like Nelson! :p


There was some super nice cars there that's for sure!




ok ok click the link above for the rest! :D Thanks again guys for throwing this event was a great time and thanks to the vendors that tossed in some nice give aways!
Thanks to Miguel, AJ and everyone involved, we had a great time. And although I didn't win anything... (as usual). :rolleyes: I'd also like to thank the sponsors for their generosity! Jim, great pictures as always! It was good to see some familiar faces, and some news ones. Nelson, Richie and Elizabeth. :)

P.S. Some video coming soon!
It was a pretty good turnout. About 30 TR's or so. Vendors were generous. Great job Miguel.
thank you Miguel, what a cool bbq buick style

thank you for an awesome fun day, it was great to see a bunch of turbo addicts.


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more pics



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great time and thanks to miguel and to everybody who took time out from there busy schule to set this event up can't wait till next year.jim(mark that egr block off makes a nice key fob)
Thanks Miguel! Your handywork on Jimmy's car was something. It looked awsome. Had an excellent time and great food!! Nice to meet everone. There was some beautiful cars there for sure.

Oh, I forgot my bbq tongs and knife. That means you'll have to store them until the next bbq.
Thanks Miguel! Your handywork on Jimmy's car was something. It looked awsome. Had an excellent time and great food!! Nice to meet everone. There was some beautiful cars there for sure.

Oh, I forgot my bbq tongs and knife. That means you'll have to store them until the next bbq.

will do...;)