The KEVINS technique works!!!! 1.6 60 ft =WOW!!!

Vader 87

Just push the brakes till you feel a "stop point" then keep pushing hard past that and i launched with 14 psi of boost....i was going to get a jumper valve kit but no longer need it.
I did this on my last 2 runs and netted a 1.6 60ft then a 1.71 60 ft. :D
I even see it in WRITING!!! Now as long as the system doesn't crash, it'll be archived forever!!



Congrats Jason!!!
Just as Jason mentioned above.. Push the brake pedal until it hits the "stop" then keep pushing past the stop about an 1" or so..

I can hold over 13psi with street tires and easily over 15psi with slicks with still factory type brakes. No big cylinders or shoes., etc..

Hey KEVINS, you got the slugmaster system still or vacuum brakes? I have vacuum brakes on my GN and as far as I can tell your technique does not work on my ride.
well I can launch at 12-13 PSI but the tires say no as soon as I roll about 2 feet. lot's of spin.
With slicks or sticky streets? Spinning after you get 2 feet out can be the suspension set up.. I may be able to help;)

Launching with that much boost and good traction with a low 11 sec car would create a problem with air pockets under the front tires wouldn't it?
hi-boost launches

Read Bruces thread "Strengthening 200-4R". Major statement:heat kills,those high boost launches w/stock D5 will kill your tranny!!! Already did it,buy a stall,leave w/less boost and get better 60fts. 12" 2800 dropped my 60ft to 1.75 leaving @1psi from stock D5 12psi launch(using foot brake&E-brake)and 1.8's.
1.75 on BFG DR,1.8's on M&H Racemasters 591 soft compound at same track;) .
Best friend has a 68 Firebird and pulled 2.1 60fts on my DR w/stk conv,went to a 10" B&M and went 1.9. Foot braking the stk conv to 2000rpm(max w/out tire spin)=2.1/1200rpm w/10" and flooring it=1.9/you can foot brake 3200 but it blows off the BFG's;)
1.6 w/D5 is great,my tranny would have died a week after I bought my car if I knew yalls trick back then!!!!!!!! I thought 10-12psi on the line was good!!!!!!!!
Check out my car pic!
I'm going to fression up the trans next spring then trying running synthetic in it. I know the benifits of syn motor oil so I am going to try syn tranny fluid. If they make it..:confused:

Anybody know where I can get some? I don't think I have seen it at the local Target.

It worked for me last night i left with 6psi and best 60' was 1.82 and droped from 12.80@108.5 to 12.65@106.5 with 275 50 15 bf drag's.

Its a hot air motor:D
Kevin, Summit carries Redline Syn. Jegs has Royal Purple. I got some castrol Syn. Tranny fluid one time at Advance Auto Parts but haven't been able to find it there in a long time. Or find an Amsoil dealer they should carry it too.