The new high water mark for GN sales?


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Jun 14, 2001
Just curious if this Grand National is the highest sale price to date. I had been talking with the owner and he just got back to me that he ended the auction as he was offered, and accepted, $55,000 for the car. He certainly seemed like a straight shooter to me in our conversations. If you look at the ad closely and research some of his other sales, I think you'll get the impression this is no BS. Anyways, I'm really not interested in a GN vs. GNX, T-top vs solid roof, haves vs. have nots debate. I just want to know if another GN has sold for more. Thanks.
It is the highest price standard GN I have seen sell. I don't think a standard GN is worth $55,000, but I conversely, I don't think $55,000 is too much for a 64 mile GN if you have the funds for it. :D Either way I'm envious.

I'm putting a marathon weekend on my car this weekend, hoping to get it up and running by August's end. I can't take having my dream car so close yet so far, I gotta get this puppy done.

**Sorry for my off topic rant, I have TurboRegalitus and the only cure is watching my boost guage go to 24#'s, LOL.