The Unique V8 GRAND NATIONAL!?!?!


Jun 10, 2001
OKAY, where the heck do these people get this stuff? This dude pulls into my shop today and starts talking about my GN. Thats cool and all but then he goes on and tells me how Buick made a 305 turbocharged V8 that you could get special ordered?. I go on to tell him I"ve been around these cars since I was 9 years old and that I've never seen such a thing. He was so sure there was a V8 GN. Diplomacy, Something I guess I'm good at huh? I think it comes from the montecarlos, Grand Prix, and Oldsmoblies that make people think they must have a Turbo and a V8. Anyways another intresting encounter with a uneducated retard.
still blows my mind buick and pontaic two totally different things, I want a tag that says NOTAV8 :confused:
We all hear stuff like that all the time. Its part of owning a piece of history. Kinda makes it cool to have that mystery associated with the Turbo Buicks.
When I first got into these cars, I did find one thing confusing. There were "T" package cars, built in 87, that could be had with the NA 3.8 or the 307 as well as the LC2. It was an option package, but many people took the "T" to mean turbo. I didnt get it until I read up on it.
I was at the Cleveland Autorama this past weekend and this bozo was telling us about a Stage4 GSX he had back in 71. He told us it was 560" with 1000 hp,ran 9`s and he was kicked out of every track:rolleyes: :rolleyes: . The biggest moter that a 455 can be made is 535" We told him he was full of crap:D ,then he starts arguing with us:mad:
Guys- There's really no point in arguing with guys like that. Why not patronize them and have some fun instead? :cool:

"A Stage 4? That's nothing! My uncle had a Stage 9, and was one of only two built by GM and it was 645 inches!!"

"A 305 turbocharged V-8? Yeah my other car at home has the twin turbo 350 V-8 option! But it's not as fast as the GNX, which everyone knows had the ultimate twin turbo V-8 setup...."

yea these people are so far off base you can't even argue with them. Its like talking to the wall. Buick never even used a 305. Thats a Chevy moror. They used Olds 307's! right??
I know a guy who thinks that Buick made a couple of very rare twin turbo 455 Grand Nationals and that they only came in white. He says he knows a guy that has one. I tried to tell him, but it was futile.
You know what makes me angry besides all of what you guys talked about, when somebody says yeah the t-type means that it came with t-tops i look at them and about to say something but you know what aint worth it, one day in a parking lot hanging out and some kid goes what is that a regal, i say look at the badges he goes oh a monte carlo i than turned away and said you know what your not worthy of knowing what it is , than he said ah man and left, DAMN RETARDS:mad:
If they are stupid enough to ask, I always tell them that it is monte. Gets them every time.
Yeah but i dont want them to think i only own a monte you know because even though there nice cars all the montes by me think they all got rocket ships so i want them to know i actually know whats up you know what i mean. but at the same time i dont want them to know that my car will walk all of them :D
Sorry: I guess that I should of clarified that response, You can pretty much tell how a person asks a question whether he/she knows that it is/is not a Monte. People that I suspect that they really don't know I tell them what the car really is. People that I suspect know what it is, only ask that question because irks most GN/TR owners. And it seems to work. Most GN/TR owners really get bent when asked that question. As a result I prefer to do the stroking first, and for some reason, if you do it with a straight face, they will come up close and do a looksee before they find out that they have been had. Works well for me. I don't hang with monte owners anyway. 9 out of 10 people that ask that particular question, do it to get your goat. And it generally works for some reason.
What really makes it worse are the actual jackasses that put a sbc in a GN because they whine about the expense of the v6.Thats a starting point for the v8 GN myths.
You just have to take it in stride, I guess. To this day nobody believes me that the GNX came stock with nitrous.

j/k...these idiots drive me nuts!
ONCE agian today, I pull in to this fast food resturant and I see a this younger african american kid messing with his 87 or so Cutlass supreme doing something to the stereo. I just put a 3 inch exhaust on the GN of death and he heard it coming and popped his head up, but as i'm walking in he says hey that thing still have the orginal motor and trans in it. I said yea it does, then I get asked if i want to sell it, I said sixty five hundred and that vette killer is yours (said 6,500 cuz it needs paint job real bad) and he goes dang really. Long pause of him starin at the car and says I'll give you 2 thousand right now. :mad: :confused: :mad: :mad: :mad: :confused: :mad: :mad: :confused: :mad: WHAT THE HECK!!!!! still funny, and classic.
i know a guy that swears he has an 85 gn with a 4.1 turbo v6
told me it was special order highway patrol car

i say no way buick only made 4.1 turbo gn in 82

but till this day he still wont let me look under the hood

lies all lies
Originally posted by Ttypenut
i know a guy that swears he has an 85 gn with a 4.1 turbo v6
told me it was special order highway patrol car

i say no way buick only made 4.1 turbo gn in 82

but till this day he still wont let me look under the hood

lies all lies

i thought the 82 gn had a 4.1 n/a six or a 3.8 turbo???