there all here


Aug 1, 2002
there all on this board now. the know it alls all they know is how to say check year old treads
thanks for nothing .

let me go look at some pics in the old treads and try to learn somthing :eek:
Exactly - that's the way got.
GO DO A SEARCH and DON'T bother us with your redundant questions.
I got tired of it years ago and haven't even read their stuff in years even though I still receive their nightly messages.

I saw those replies and thought the same - Thanks for the help guys.

I understand people get tired of answering the same questions but that's part of this world. Every new TB buyer is going to be FULL of questions. Should we just post a New Buyer guideline that says - NEW TB OWNERS - PLEASE DO A SEARCH before you ask us all your stupid questions. We are tired of answering them.

OK, well look at it like this: You ask a very basic question thats been covered repeatedly here. So, you could do a search and have all the info you need in a few seconds. Or you could wait for an answer, which you may not get because if the question is basic enough, most guys will consider it common sense or think you would know how to use the search feature. Me personally, I use the search feature, because when I have a question, I would like to know the answer asap.

I will assume by your TA block post you've been out of the loop for awhile. If you had done a search on the topic, you wouldn't have needed to start a new thread. All the info you need is already there. All you got was some smart ass replys, from myself included. (All in good fun:D )
Seriously man,no offence intended:D

1st TA alum block post then NOS post,What did you expect???;)
If you don't want to respond to the mans question, don't ! But you don't have to make him look like a jerk either! Everybody around here is getting so testy. It use to be a bunch of guys helping each other out and shooting the crap! Now everyone is looking to jump all over anybody and anything. I would imagine that a person would never have to ask a question about anything just do a......... search. What happened to " There is no such thing as a stupid question only stupid answers"?

Charloots,you can check the new block out at Quite a few guys are building them but I don't think any have a testing or reports back on them yet.