they going to try to total it..


cookin with propane
May 27, 2001
so now i gotta make my case.. i got some cars off the trader, lemme know any other ideas you guys got..

im not going to let them screw us.
no, thye just said tey were going to come pick it up from the body shop to take it to the auction and my grandpa was like hell no youre not, and that we want to keep it.

no dollar signs have been thrown around..
There is nothing worse than an insurance co that tries to hurry up and make the car disappear. My cousin had an 89 Cougar that was hit by a bus, I wanted the engine out of it (brand new, just installed). The damn ins. co. picked it up from the yard and hauled it away the same day of the accident. WTF:(
That's BS. I would fight this to the end. Take the car home and put it in the garage or backyard if you don't have a garage. I feel sorry for the person that would try and take my car from me.

Was there any engine damage BTW?
well.. heres the plan so far..

we need to get about $6k for it.. buy it back from them for like $1200 or so, and then, weve got plenty of money to fix it up with...