Thinking of doing a cool car show.

I was hopping i could go and meet everybody while learning from the experts,Sounds like its going to be a good show.Work Sucks:mad:

"Cough, cough...sniffle....cough....uh....I aint feeling well today...cough, cough...I'm gonna need to use a sick day....cough....aaaaaack ... AAAAAAACK!!!!"

Works everytime!!!:D
Figured that I'd post the address once more.

Car show/ Tech session will be
Sat. April 30th. from 10:00AM to 3:00 PM ish (We can stay as long as we like).

The get to gether will be at J & S Gear Co. J & S Gear Co
J and S Gear
18222 Gothard st.
Huntington Beach, CA. 92648

Bring a chair(s) if you can. We'll have a few extras.

Mike B.
Hitting up our car show here in Seal Beach - then will head over. Look forward to meeting you guys. Kids are excited as well......
so mad i screwed up and wasnt able to make it. sorry everyone for my fail

You missed out brother, what a showing! Had a great time, killer food, great tech session, etc, etc! Mike, thanks a ton for getting this started, and like many other guys mentioned, let's keep this thing going! What a day!