This is for all you shop owners.... enjoy

That is freaking great!!!!! I will be showing that to everyone;)

It happens every freaking day at all kinds of business... I am sick of people acting like they are "owed" something now-a-days...
I am in the gas fireplace business and I have at least one a week that tells me that their handyman told them that they need a thermocouple and want to know how much it will cost. One got upset and asked my old boss to leave the house because he told them they did not need one and he refused replace a part they didn't need!!!!

Another fav is when a customer says "It's an easy fix, you shouldn't charge too much." I told one "If it's that easy, why don't you fix it?"
I only had a few Buick customers like this. Oh the car needs this... "Me"... NO problem .. Fix it an get my $$$.. they come back an hour later an the car has the same problem. "Me" I just did what YOU told me to do !!! :p I don't miss that crap at all !!
I owned mobile phone stores for 14 years and dealt with many customers with the same mentality. My favorite line was when someone would buy a phone online and then come in complaining to me to fix a problem and i would say.

"Sorry, you need to have the internet look at it"

They truly have no idea of who they are.

we really need more a!#holes like that! I have that happen at least twice a week!
we need to loop that video on our lounge tv!!
I love it when you Change there radio,then they come back and say there transmission is slipping.
I delt with that same idiot 2 days ago.

"I'm driving to Austin and the truck runs fine and then it doesn't. Do you think I need to replace the spark plugs".

Not kidding here guys. I was about to bash his head against the counter. It was an 85 F150 with an injected 302 and I kept telling him he needed to take it to a shop and have them check it out. He just wanted me to tell him he was right so he could spend some money I guess and blame it on me.
DAMN that has to be like a slap in the face to all of you mechanics, me... If I F***ed up on my car, I wont lie, Ill just take it to a shop and tell them what I did, what I did wrong, and pay them to fix it. Some of the places I went to let me watch how they did it so I could do it again myself if needed.

But I would never let anyone talk to me like that.... (just sayin)
That is spot on. LMFAO! I know a guy just like that.

I had this guy come through the carwash the other day. He came back and filled out a damage report. His check engine had come on and it was the car washes fault. :eek:
That video is great! I am friends with a few mechanics, I'll have to show them!

I work at an auto parts store and honestly over half of the people come in and want us to troubleshoot their car for them so they don't have to take it to a garage. Or then you get the ones who ask us to test their battery/alternator and one of them is bad they get upset that a 80 dollar battery is super expensive.

My personal favorite was a girl who came in and tried to return a battery that she had been using for three months in her "project car" but needed money so she could pay her bills. I told her that she should have thought about future bills ahead of time and that we can't refund the money on a used part. That made her cry and she sat in her car for several minutes talking on the phone.
When a customer would bring in his own parts for me to install,I would ask them"Do you bring your own steak to the restaurant and ask them to cook it?",That would usually clear things up for them.
When a customer would bring in his own parts for me to install,I would ask them"Do you bring your own steak to the restaurant and ask them to cook it?",That would usually clear things up for them.

I use that one at the car wash. I get people with buckets and dish soap all the time. I love it. They walk right up and ask if I will fill the bucket with water. I have to tell them that I sell soap and water here. Drop some quarters in the slot and the soap and water come right out the gun. They really get mad when I tell them no bucket washing.
"No, he washed cars but ate lunch with the mechanics and talked to them all the time." LMAO!