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Mar 1, 2005
Unfortunately this section has gotten very far out of hand. Mods and Admin have publicly and privately tried to chill it out. If this constant war continues I have decided to just shut the section down for a week or so if it continues. I am tired of the banning jokes and jabs at our staff. We don't like to ban anyone, so closing the forum and eliminating the problem entirely seems the easiest thing to do.

I do not want to do this. Not good for the board, but we are running out of other options. Seems we are damned if we do and damned if we don't:rolleyes:

Any other serious suggestions?
Yeah, we all have a Buddy/Ignore list in our personal profiles. If you happen to have an issue with another member, click Ignore. VOILA! The posts become blank! BUT! The issue is rumors getting spread and tempers getting pushed. The true test is who can actually ignore the flaming afterwards?

Seems like the issue here is not the spark, but the fuel in the fire. If there is a collective effort to ignore the offending poster(s), then it should work, right? Who's going to man-up and let the insults roll off their back like a real man and go about their business? There's no need to call someone out, it just throws more fuel on the fire. Let it burn out.

Yeah, I'm new here, but it seems to work in the real world. All over-moderation does is hide the symptoms and not the root issue. But hell, maybe I'm wrong?
Natty I agree with your train of thought. If everyone would ignore it for a while it would go away. We are not trying to mod anything but the language and threats. Not our place to get into who gets along! Thanks for the input!
Just an observation

after you deleted some problematic posters, eveything seems to run very smooth, I see one is back under another name, but seems to have learned to "play well with others" and for that I thank you, him and all who choose to use this board as it was designed.
Maybe 09 will be a better yr for all, sure hope so!