This stupid oil leak !!!!!!!!!!AARRG..


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My bubble burst tonight..

Just idling in the driveway or driving around town it doesn't leak at all but when I started power braking it to about 5 psi several times I noticed a puddle of oil about 6" in diameter under the car!!!

I just put in a neoprene seal and it leaks under a small amount of boost only. I have the pcv plugged off and the v-covers have no breathers and are vented to the air so how can it be developing any crankcase pressure to blow oil out the rear main seal??????????? The rings??? The engine doesn't smoke at all but maybe that is the problem..?? I know the seal is in correct and I didn't see any worn spot on the crank.

It only leaks when power braking..

Does anybody have any ideas???? I can't go racing like this..
If I have to I'll drop the pan again or I'll pull the stupid motor. I am sick of these ***** oil leaks..

:mad: :mad:
I dont quite understand. You say you have the PCV plugged and the valve covers have no breathers and are vented to the air?
If it's comming from the rear main seal, its probably the end seal area where the cap meets the block. DONT use the rubber seals with the pins, fill the cavity with good rtv sealant. It is kindy tricky to get a good seal back there but it can be done in the car, just use some patience and keep it squeaky clean when using the rtv. Mark
Triple check to make sure its not coming fron the intake. Intake leaks drip down the bellhoising and into the TC cover and LOOK like a rear main.

If you didnt schmootz the corners of the intake with RTV I put my money on the intake leaking

Also NEVER run the carf without a PCV valve or other type of POSITIVE ventilation as acids and moisture buildup is a no-no, especially with a fresh engine
Thanks for replying guys..
I took it to the car wash and cleaned it all off (it's 34* right now and I was the only one there, imagine that:)).
It does appear to be leaking where Mark mentioned. I did use silicone and I sterilzed everything with thinner b4 applying it. I still can't believe it's leaking. I was soooo careful because I did not want to redo it.
I checked the pan bolts also and they are tight:(

Well, at least it's clean this time around and I have nothing else to do today...

Thnx again!