Throttle body plugs



Can someone tell me how to do this or do I have to pay ATR the 5 bucks for the kit. Does it really even do anything performance wise??
These are solid little plugs that fit in the hoses that go to and from the hot water supply for the heater. So with the hoses still in place for the stock look it prevents the hot water from heating the TB, and maybe the air going into the TB.

The hot water is suppose to help on cold starts in cold climates.

BTW the hoses have the same water pressure as the radiator.
I just looped the hoses on the tb and then on the hard coolant lines. That way the coolant just recirculates thru the "loop" I created and never gets to the tb..


Just an FYI: the fittings on the TB don't "have" to be plugged. Loop the hose from the coolant hard line as Joel said and you're done! :)
not sure anyone has actually proven that it helps at all..but we all do cause someone about 16 years ago thought it was a good idea....:)
Does anyone have any pics of this???? Call me stupid but I have no idea what to do. or can you tell me where these lines are located and what looping them means. Thanks so much guys
The hard coolant lines run along the top of the intake on the passenger side. Towards the front of the passenger side there will be a hose that goes to the TB and then a return line coming from the TB back to the hard coolant line.

Unhook the hoses and loop them as follows:

Hard coolant fitting to hard coolant fitting and

Tb to Tb

Stick your head in there with a shop light etc. You will see what I am talking about. :D

No such thing as stupid questions...

Good luck

There is no real reason that I can think of to loop the hose on the tb. None of my cars have a hose connected to the tb.
You could also stick a correctly sized marble down in the hose on each side of the TB and leave hooked up for stock look. Like anyone would really care or know....:D