throttle body

What are your current mods?? There's lot of guys running the stock TB down into the 10's. My car runs low 11's and its also running the stock TB. I would spend your money elsewhere for other mods. Red Armstrong runs deep into the tens on a stock throttle body. I asked him about upgrading and he said spend your money elsewhere.
Ive heard this from several other members on this board.

Just my $.02.......
my mods are te44 blue tops 36# injectors gbody parts stock stretch i/c 3000 stall smc alky 3 inch d/p with dump no cat stock 109 .030 stock cam & heads 100# springs light port work stock gear want to run 11.50's or better is this possible????
Yeah its possible. With the right tune, chip and boost you should be able to achieve those goals. Ive heard of people running high tens with that TE44 maxxed out.

I think to achieve mid-11's your gonna have to upgrade injectors. Hands down I would buy motron 60lbers with the matching chip. Drivability is as good as the stockers.

With the times run in my sig, I was running 24psi boost with C-16 in the tank with one of Red's 107 race chips. The engine mods in my car are almost identical to what your describing.

It looks like you have some well picked mods for a solid 11.50 car. Maybe more depending how much boost you want to run.

Tune, tune, tune.

Just my $.02