Thumbwheel Chip Selectable for E85 or Gasoline


The Engine Whisperer
Feb 14, 2002
Can somebody bring back the old thumbwheel chips? I'd like to see one that's selectable for either gasoline or E85. It would have to be fully user programmable like the other chips currently available ofcourse. :)
I can put the chip programs onto a thumbwheel. You would have to order a blank thumbwheel setup from John at Caspers, then send it to me to program.
I know chip technology has come a long way from when I used to program them. Is it possible to use a flex fuel sensor and just one chip?
its probably cheaper to just make a package deal with 2 chips....

A flex fuel chip is possible, the PowerLogger can read the sensor I believe.

With a Pro or Gen-2, if the fuel mix gets changed as the season changes, its easy enough to click the keys a couple times and fix it.