ticking from front of engine


Aug 30, 2004
Finally got my car running good then i start hearing a ticking sound coming from front of engine like near water pump. i saw tiny bit of smoke started coming from drivers valve breather car started running like crap. shut it down. Now no start and a gassy mist/smoke coming from drivers breather when i crank it. timing chain looks like it didnt jump.anyone experience this have a idea what it could be. leaning towards cam or crank sensor but i just dont want to buy 1 or the other and not have the problem solved will no longer start either
I usually find this from 1 of 2 items.

The cam sensor. Check the cap is on correctly and snug. Next pull the cap off and check the trigger ring in the sensor. Make sure this is tight, I have seen them come loose.

Next is the crank trigger. Make sure the crank sensor and trigger ring are clearanced correctly.

Let us know what you find
Or check the idler pulley could be hitting one of the A/c or idker bolts or stud if belt is stretched.