Time for a new chip? Run file attached

As much as someone is willing to pay! :giggle: Still a big demand for 8.5s, posi or not.
Mike, I'll reason another way....thinking a ready to install stock GN complete 8.5" posi rear is $1200 or $1400 whereas a used rear years ago was $1000 and you'd have to go thru it.

An Auburn 8.5" posi unit from Strange is about $500. Eaton priced similarly. So I'd think $800 as a start for what you have. can always negotiate lower. maybe my estimate is high for some but everything costs more in the metro New York City area. buick folks like to get into a pissing contest quibbling over $20...or even $5 for shipping
To ALL you fellow Buick Nuts, I Thank You for your input. Been at this game for 28 years, sold many posi rears but never had a non posi to sell and really never paid any attention to the few I saw for sale. As long as I've been around and have sold LOTS of parts I kind of figured some where around 6 to 7.
I thank you guys again for your input. Mike