Tl Vs Ds


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Going to switch back to the factory ECM from DFI with my new motor. I do like the features of the DS but what about installtion? There is something about modifying the ECM, what is involved and is there a way of going back on it?
Like the TL because of the easier installation but does not seem as powerful.
Any thoughts or comments are kindly appreciated.

Actually I can answer this one- I own both programs. I love my direct scan because of the update speed and displays and easy of use. However I love the turbo link after I started using it, and you can use this on all the cars not just one. The information in the turbo link is as complete and it runs a little longer because the rate isn't as quick however the information you need to tune, (which is why we buy these programs in the first place) is there and easy to understand. And the support by Ken is the best out there. He is always available for questions and can solve most issues with one email. He even helps with other car issues not related to the program. No modifications needed on ECM and a great program. Hope this helps. :cool:
About the "you can use Tl on any car" I would have to suggest to anyone who is about to get one or the other and owns more than one turbo Buick, just order an extra ribbon cable that goes from the ECM to the DS box and leave it hanging out so you can plug in your DS in either car, that would make both TL and DS usable in both cars. (can you tell I love my DS)