to get to 12's



How much money do you think i will have to wrap into an 85 before i can get it goods into the 12's? BTW, who sells the tm ic kit?

Well first thing is first. Dont start adding bolt ons .Have a setup in mind before you do anything. These cars didn't come with good fuel systems. So I would start there. Fuel pump 307/340,adjustable fpr.160 stat.K&n airfilter.Full exhaust I recomend atr. 87 ecm and a good chip with some low timing. Then for traction problems some 3 way adjustable shocks,pinion snubber,axle snubber,air bags,some good tires. . Then I would go into the motor intake and heads on the hot air cars restrict these cars. So go with a turbo motion intake v-1 or v-3 or even a v-2 if you want a intercooler. Then get your heads ported and polished, Bigger valves,new valve springs and seats. Cam and lifters. If you have the money to spare then might as well take your block and get it honed and get new piston and rings, And freshin up the buttom half too. Then I would go with a bigger turbo and converter. But remember just cause you did all this doesn't mean your car is gonna run good you have to tune. Tuning is the key. You have to tune the car not just add parts.Also a scan tool will help alot and let you know what your car is doing.

how the hell did you know my name was Brent? ohh, and thanks for the advice. do you guys know a website that has a lot of info about the v1, 2, 3? and what is a pinion snubber?
My mods want 12.6 @108.5 , with a cracked header , no scan tool and the ta33 , and 40lb injectors. It also had a tranny that was slipping a little with a street chip. I would say very little money and a lot of time working on the car will get the 12's for you.