to hot for plug wires


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I just put my up and down pipe on, the atr 2.5 and my piug wires are about 2in away from the pipe and they keep melting how can i stop this ,i have to get new plug wires now and i dont want this to happen again.

my msd wires dont seem to mind the heat but i still have the w rapped stock uppipe but i think they could take it...

give summit a hollor and get some good wires ...
mine are msd super conductors for a 86-87 gn they fit these hot airs pretty good just cant run around the front of the valve cover on the pass. side they have to go across it ..

same ones that was on it when you saw it...:)

Thanks buddy i'll call today good luck with your car hope to see the other motor run some time.
I use some Cloth 500 degree loom, and I wrap it around the wires real tight. Then I bunch the wires together, and keep all of them away from the UP and down pipe...nothing worse then cooking a plug wire on one of those pipes.
They shouldn't be melting. I have cheap $30 PepBoys wires and have never melted them unless they were resting directly on my up pipe.
I work with boilermakers sometimes and they gave me some insulation similiar to header wrap.I wrapped both of my pipes with this stuff and it works great.It is the stuff they use to seal the large iron doors on the front or rear of big building boilers.Look in the phone book under boilermaker supplies, this stuff is cheaper than header wrap and is thicker and better.I used the 2 inch wide stuff.I think there is a mild performance gain from wrapping them too.It comes in a big role about a foot and a half in diameter.
I am going to try the msd wires and wrap them i'll look into the wrap for shore.

thanks guys
I'll try the msd wire and i have some header wrap that i'll try after i fix my bad lifters and what ever else is broke.