Toluene where, and how good?


Heavy breather
I hear a lot of people talk about toluene as an additive, but can't find it locally. I can find Xylene, but have not yet tried it. Does anyone know anything about affect on fuel pump and seals, Injectors, Cyl. walls, or O2 sensors. And where can it be found.
xylene is better than toluene,so don't worry about that.

the best place to get it is in 5 gallon buckets at industrial paint supply houses(sherwin-williams,rodda,etc).it should run about $5-6/gallon.

if i remember right,you want to mix it 3:1 with pump premium.that equates to 100+ octane.

it won't hurt anything if you dilute it enough,it can eat seals if you run too much of it(it is a solvent/thinner).

is that 3 parts to 1 gal of fuel or the other way around????
I don't know, but I know this for sure, I ran faster on pump 94 than I did on a 3:1 mix of 92 and Xylene. If you wanna get the best performance, go racegas, there is none better.