Too much transmission fluid?


Fred 86 GN

I pulled out my transmission dip-stick yesterday so I could put the wiring loom behind it like it is supposed to be, and a bunch of transmission fluid hit the garage floor. Maybe 1/2 quart or more.

Can too much fluid cause transmission malfunctions?

Looking at the dip stick, it appears that at a normal fluid level none would leak out when the assembly is removed.
actually, from what i have read and been told from bruce and a few others, adding an extra 1/2 to one qt is not bad, but actually has some benifits. this helps reduce cavatation and starvation of fluid during acceleration. HTHs
The worst I've seen, if it's too full, is leaking at the rear seal. There is a drain hole in the tail shaft halfway up. The fluid goes back there from the pump. The fluid drains back into the pan when it reaches the hole. If the hole is covered, becasue the pan level is too high, there is no place for the fluid to run. The pressure builds and leeeeeeeeeeeak.