Torpedo Run - Cool Road-Rally across Europe


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Jan 7, 2004
There will be a cool road-rally coming up in May 2004. It's called the Torpedo Run ( ) and is held between 7th May 2004 - 14th May 2004.

Let us conquer the streets of Europe! You will drive more than 5000 kilometers on an unknown course through Western-Europe. On the German Autobahn you will be able to drive as fast as you want. You will also experience winding roads in the mountains, cruise along the azure Mediterranean Sea and have fun on legendary race tracks. New challenges and breathtaking events are going to await you at all times! Each night during the rally you will stay in the best hotels of Europe and each day you will experience the most eccentric parties - from the exclusive party at the sea to the hippest clubs.

Feel the suspense and get the adrenaline rush: Torpedo Run will start at a secret location on the 7th of May 2004 in Berlin, the pulsating capital of Germany. There you will receive your clues which will lead you to the first checkpoint. At the checkpoints you can look forward to events you have never experienced like this before.

Whoever has the staying power and determination for such an exciting adventure, should enter the Torpedo Run! Entrepreneurs, car enthusiasts and other adventurers will compete against each other like in the legendary movie "The Cannonball Run". It won't be easy, but you will have a lot of fun and an unforgettable time. Furthermore you will get to know the most interesting people: stylish and eccentric.

Do you have what it takes? Due to the very exclusive events only 30 selected teams will be allowed to participate and to conquer with their cars the streets of Europe during this sensational event. First places are already gone. The earlier you fill out the entry form, the better your chances are to participate in this ultimate road-rally:
Sounds more like children on parade showing off in cars they don't respect or know how to drive, like in the Gumball.
May be like Cannonball Run the movie, but not at all like the real Cannonballs---they were actual races with people who knew how to drive. I'm sure it'll be fun for those that participate and don't get carted off to jail for the in-town portions. At least they're doing it where you have the Autobahn to legally drive fast like that most of the way.

Cliff's Notes: Just my usual rant, nothing to see here. :)
I really don't have a lot of time to post to this right now, but as I'm a German resident at the moment I can tell you this sounds pretty week. Have you been to Germany and driven on the Autobahns? What is the proposal here? Everyone who has a fast car, ship them over for a week and see how many tickets they can collect?

Trust me, I could write pages about the Autobahn and other roads in Germany/Europe.

Seeing as you only have one post, it's obvious you came here simply to advertise this scheme. But since I'm actually in Germany I can tell you, this doesn't strike me as something that's going to go over very well. Especially when y'all get tagged by Polizei and they make you pay on the spot. :eek:

Weak.... just adding on to GN One Day's rant.
I'm still here ... Torpedo Run is for fun and it's not a race. If somebody wants to drive too fast, he has to bear the consequences. For real speeding we have a few racetracks included in the Torpedo Run.
Originally posted by Airman
If somebody wants to drive too fast, he has to bear the consequences. For real speeding we have a few racetracks included in the Torpedo Run.

It's usually someone else who has to pay the price. Someone on the way home from work to see their family, on the way to the grocery store...they don't sign up for any race and parties, but they're the ones that pay for it when someone gets hurt.

As for the tracks, that's a great idea. I'd love to to the One Lap of America--->no shipping required.