Torque converter selection help!!!


Dec 14, 2005
Hey everyone, I'm currently looking into upgrading my torque converter, and need some help. I am running the turbo 3.8 in my Camaro using a 700r4 trans. My question is I'm looking for a stall rating around 2800rpm. When searching for torque converters are the stall rates based on small block V8s? I've read that if your running a big block to add approx 200 rpm to the rated stall. So does this mean I should subtract some rpm to the rated stall since its a V6? My cam is a 212/212 comp cams, running a cpt60 turbo , and 3.42 gears. Also, are the torque converter from a 200r4 and a 700r4 interchangable?

Thanks for any help, this has got me all confused!
You probably have a 30 spline input shaft vs a 27 spline of the 200. I can spec you a 30 spline converter with a 2800 rpm stall for your motor. Cost is $500 for a lock-up.
The current transmission in the car is the older 27 spline unit, but I am buying a low mileage unit from a co worker (the old unit slips, and has a bad vibration in overdirve). I'm thinking (and hoping) the new one is the 30 spline, but I'll have to check when I pick it up. Before I install the trans, I'll be upgrading to a corvette servo, and installing a shift kit. Are there any other upgrades that you would recommend for a mild street car?

If I decide to go with a PTC, should I just contact you through, or through the PTC site?

Thanks for the help!
Just let me know which input spline it has and I'll get you what you need. You can contact me directly. 256-303-5387.

Your welcome