TPS dead spot-which brand?


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Sep 21, 2003
I have an original or just aged looking AC Delco on the '87 and it has a dead spot from 3.01v through 4.59v. Goes right from 3.01 to 4.59(but does top out at 4.60v) which is likely in the region of WOT so I'm not sure how much it matters, but nonetheless, it's a dead spot. Don't even see the dead spot in the voltage on the logs from a WOT pull though. Tried a new Standard from Orileys and same problem. Dead spot in the same exact region. Coincidence or...? Then, I tried a 2nd Standard TPS from Orileys and it would only register about .01v all throughout the sweep. These voltages were checked in Powerlogger.
The '86 has a BWD TPS bought from Advance Auto back in 2014, and it works perfectly 6 years later. No dead spots at all.

The guy at Orileys said that BWD was bought by Standard at some point, so I guess they're all the same now? Search brought up an interesting thread from 2012 so I'm wondering what everyones found about the parts house TPS in the past 8 years? (other than that they're a crap shoot)
Casper’s sold or sells a TPS enhancement devise. Are you sure your car doesn’t have one installed?

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I'll have to do some research on this. I don't know honestly. The 2ns to last PO has done quite a bit to the car, so I'm having to figure out what he's done by discovery pretty much. The guy I bought it from couldn't tell me much. It's an egg hunt pretty much. He does have two map sensors installed with a vac line T to each one. It looks like one is for the Alky and the other is for the factory boost gauge. IDK why he ran it like that instead of splicing the wiring so the factory gauge(LED) still works while only using one MAP sensor. Or maybe he thought it needed to retain the factory MAP because he thought the ECM needed it(which it doesn't)? Also just tried the BWD tps from the '86 onto the '87. Low and behold, it's jumping from 3.01 to the TPS isn't the problem then. Hmmm, so it seems some rewiring is in order.

grass doctor...that was the thread I was reading a couple days ago but be dammed if I couldn't find it again. Thanks!
Factory dash MAP is 2 bar and alky control is 3 bar if I remember correctly. I don’t use either but your factory gauge will not read properly with a 3 bar sensor and alky control would not work properly with a 2 bar.

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...just went out and checked. Looks like you guys are as a tack! Did some reading and it looks like it's doing what it I guess I'll leave it and add this to my list of mods the car has. Thanks!