TR Custom Parts Shifter?


Gone To The Dark Side
Nov 22, 2007
Wish mark would bring this one back ( maybe a Christmas Run??? What ya think mark) I know a couple of people that like mine.

Been a couple years now since we last did a run, will try to convince my engraver, nothing promised.:)
hello; I wanted one of those in the past and I don't want any engraving on mine. I like those band lines. They might be part of the engravers job? Maybe just a turbo 6 scrbed in would be nice but that's about it.
Not interested!:rolleyes: I have one of Mark's like the first picture and I wouldn't give it up for anything..........they are just boss!!! Really sets off the shifter. As always, Mark does a great job, especially working with his engraver........that guy can do anything. And a very nice guy, to boot!

Bruce '87 Grand National