Tr6 coil harness extension


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I’m looking for the harness from tr6 to the single coil setup
My coil is in stock spot but the tr6 is on fender
Anyone know part number and place to buy or have one they don’t need
Lmk shopping to 94564
I am confused. I purchased this a time back. It only came with the one harness from the stock plug to the tr6.
in the ad it has a picture of one item but description says 2 36" harness'.
Does this mean it should have had both the couil and the tr6?
Either way i dont see just the coil extention.
thanks guys
The remote extension harness is an add on. Use to be like $65 or so. But try Caspers or Bob.
  • SKU: 091-102094

Casper's CCCI TR-6 Ignition Relocation Harness Kit​

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I couldn't attach the link but I did a copy and paste of their description.

This is from (Full Throttle Speed)