Track outing - First test and tune, a little street racing afterwards


Get Bent!
May 24, 2001
Hey guys, so I finally got the slug out to the track to make a few passes and tune her up a bit. Several guys from the local GN club were out, some racing and others just giving us a hand in the pits. First run was a bust on street tires and 880 mV 02's, spinning through the 60' to a lousy 15.6 against another members 13.3 in his '87 T-Type. So I lowered FP and tire pressure a bit and ran another lousy 15.3 against some Vega dragster. But, I was still running rich, and those passes had been enough to suck back soem of the pump crap in the tank, so I dumped in a gallon of C-16 and ran again - another lousy run - 15.1, but took the Mustang in the other lane by a good 2 cars - he ran 15.38 or something. So, judging by the progressively lower E.T.'s I assumed I was working in the right direction, added maybe another quart of race gas, lowered tire pressure some more, and leaned her out a bit more. My O2 sensor musta pooped itself, the readings were inconsistent, so instead I kept a close eye one the knock readings. No knock, and I ran almost side by side with some nice sounding pickup - 14.51 to his 14.39, but I had a better RT and was harder out of the hole (60'). No knock recorded at all, and the car felt like a totally different animal. At this point, I would have considered upping the boost, but with no boost gauge (it's on my workbench!) I had no idea what the readings were. So, I just kept tuning with fuel pressure, lowering it a touch more and doing a monster smokey burnout. Even better yet! A 14.26 with a 1.97 60' (on 215/65 Michelin XGT's!). So, being pumped that 13's were just around the corner, I went all out and added more race gas, lowered tire pressure some more, lowered fuel pressure a touch, and tried the good ol' paperclip trick to run a best of 14.25. I thought the paperclip would have been worth more, but then checked the short time of 2.12, so the launch wasn't as good. I could have been looking at a 14.1 or maybe even a 14.0 if I had her all tuned up strong. Says something for tuning! I was hoping to get some more runs in and see some 13's but there were some breakdowns and oil leaks on the track, so there were some delays encountered. Anyways, now the car is running quite strong, much like a good running IC car. Fast forward to Sunday night, where I'm running about a 30/70 mix of 116/94. Car is running strong. First line up - some bagged to sh!t Z-28. Walked him like he was standing still (and he instigated!)! By the time second hit, anyone tailgating me could have taken his lane - easy 2 car lengths. Next victim, a pair of punks in their Cavalier. Yeah! Whatever buddy! While he was busy chirping off of the line, I boosted away at half throttle through most of first gear with a little spinning, then near the top of first I went WOT and skreeeech-<shift>-chirp!-skreeeech!!! Like a hot knife hrough butter. The next race was a good one! It was a white Road Runner, and sounded quite nice. There were some young girls that the guy was revving for (really young, like 14 or so) and they were holding signs like "Burnout!" and "Light 'em up!" and were taking pictures. I wasn't going to, until I saw one with a camcorder, and figured "game on!". Light goes green, and while he's spinning, I boost right on by him and then start spinning too. He was pissed that I launched him, and I had backed off by the time he was fully hooked (prolly about 45-50 mph - busy street), and prolly more so because he was revving for the camera and got waxed by some quiet black car. I'd be pissed too if everyone though my car was all bark and no bite! Later, driving down one of the main drags around 60 kph (35-40 mph), the light dead ahead turns yellow and I drop the hammer and proceeded to spin clean through the intersection, getting a little sideways at first and almost burying the needle by the time I cleared the intersection. Next victim fell "from a roll". Pathetic 5.0, probably bone stock and just some punk who though all Mustangs were hot sh!t, by the time I hit about 60 mph, I had about 4-5 cars on him (from a roll, yet!). So it was a good night for racing. I did loose to one car, my buddy in his '86 rosewood T-Type (13's), but that doesn't really count, it's all in the turbo Buick family, and he was impressed with how well I hung with him. So was I! :)