Trade! Mint 2000 Camaro SS 13k miles for Nice 87 GN


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Mar 12, 2003
I have a 2000 Camaro SS, LS-1, 6-speed, 13,600 original miles. Loaded with t-tops, 12 disc CD player and all SLP options. The Car Is RED with a Tan interior. Its absolutely mint with no dings or scratches. Im the second owner and the car has been garaged its entire life and never driven in bad weather. Completely stock except for K&N air filter. Special SLP SS grill. Ill Trade even or up for a real clean 1987 GN, im asking $19,500. Not many out there this clean. If your looking for a real NICE, unmolested SS this is it! Serious offers or questions please call Ray at 508-822-0603 or email at Car is located in Taunton, Ma.

If it was Black and had an auto in it, you would have yourself the 86' GN pictured below with the air-brushed grafix..

Scot w.
Your car looks nice Scott, but im not really diggin the custom graphics...just not my thing! Thanks anyways! :biggrin:
It's none of my business to suggest your price is high (based on and so please do not take this as criticism. I have a very low mile Turbo T car and have had a dozen Camaros. My last was sold in 2006 and was a 99 SS Pewter with neutral leather interior. The car had never seen rain, always stored in CarJacket and had a few very nice bolt ons (Kooks Stainless 1-3/4 headers with GMMG chambered system, 3" off road y-pipe, lid, Corvette FRC's, UMI strut bar, Spohn tunnel brace, Lou's SS, billet shift knob, 4.10 gears, etc....). Even though I had well over $20K in the car I sold it for $18500 to the first person to come look at it. It was simply an exceptionally clean car. I had a lot of interest but some didn't like the color (pewter), some didn't like the neutral leather interior, some didn't want the headers, and the story goes on. Somewhere out there is a person who has a Turbo Buick that is interested in your Camaro. Finding that person is a significant challenge. I would post on LS1. com,,,,,, GNTTYPE.ORG,, and to ensure the widest distribution possible. You could also list the car on ebay with the intentions of getting a bit wider in distribution. From what I have found the 98-00 and some extent the 01 cars seem to be a bit of orphans. Many folks that I talk to would rather have an 02 if they are buying one to keep. There are a few differences in the 00 to 02 range but for the most part the cars saw very little engineering and feature changes after MY00.

Good luck with trying to move the car; after many Camaros it's been nice to have a car that really runs and still has what most would call a boulevard ride. :cool:
Ive also owned and sold many GNs and LS-1 Camaros. The car is listed on LS-1 tech and Stock untouched cars always sell for more than modded cars and i dont hold much stock in NADA since ive seen what they are selling for online and many other sites. Its appropriately priced in my opinion and if it doesnt sell ill just keep it a while longer.Try and find a low mile one this nice out there for less. Your entitltled to your opinion of course. :biggrin:
Ray, there are plenty of cars out there from what I've seen. I don't argue your price and do not intend to offend. The potential buyer(s) (from my experience) interested in late model Camaro's typically have to finance their purchase. This makes things difficult when banks, credit unions and the like use NADA and KBB as guidance for loan amounts and those loan amounts are lower than your asking price. It appeared to me you were looking for feedback and I obviously struck a nerve with my response and I apologize for that. I was simply trying to share why you may not be getting much interest. Opinions are like belly buttons and ...holes, everyone has one. I am offering up mine as just one opinion in the land of many. No offense intended and I do wish you well with moving the car.
No Offense taken! Like i said...if it sells then ill look for a GN outright to add to my collection again. Just thought id put the idea of a trade out there to see if i got any good trade deals. Thanks- Ray :biggrin:
Your car is beautiful. Makes me miss my 2000 SS!!!! I wish I had the funds because I would buy it in a heartbeat!!! Good luck with the sale!
I would keep the SS and buy a GN for me those are one of the best american mucle you can get. LS1 are so fun and dependable have an SS myself and the price sound right. Yup well good luck sure that it will sell fast!!!
wow Im digging that Camaro.. It is the orange or red?? its hard to tell... ever been hit???
Sorry, only interested in hardtop 87 GN. The Camaro is bright red and has never been hit, everything is original and mint! :D :D :D
Nice car....don't feel bad, I'm trying to find someone that would like to trade their 86-87 T type for my big block powered Chevelle....
Nice car....don't feel bad, I'm trying to find someone that would like to trade their 86-87 T type for my big block powered Chevelle....
I dont feel bad my keep em all if i had the room. What kind of chevelle do you have? Ive got a mint 69 SS396 4 speed! :biggrin: