Trans Cable stretched?


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Nov 16, 2003
Shifter Cable stretched?

I have been experiencing trouble shifting into reverse from drive lately. I have an '85 GN. Here's a brief description of the problem:
If I bring the car to a complete stop in drive when warm and shift into reverse, the car will sometimes not shift into reverse, but remain in neutral. I found that if I shift into park and back into reverse, it will shift. The trans has been rebuilt about 1000mi ago. I have heard that the shifter cables like to stretch and require replacement occasionally. Is this true? :confused: A freind of mine's brother snapped one on his Monte. My other concern with this trans is the fact that it leaks like a sive. I was told it needs a speedometer O-ring, and that when rebuilt, the tech put too much fluid in it. What size is that O-ring and where can I get it if that is the problem? :confused:

Please Help!!!!