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Aug 17, 2009
So last trans problem I had involved the tcc solenoid...changed that filter,and trans the car running again and took it 4 a quick seemd fine with no problems.. this was about a mnth ago...went out yesterday 4 a quick drive and quickly noticed it was taking longer 2 shift...and 1 to 2 was not as smoothe...pretty hard jerk at keept drivin see if it would go away. Came to a stop and revs were pretty high but car wouldn't really go that much....but I wasn't really giving it much throttle...and I kind of seems as if there is a grinding noise...n slight vibration...not really sure what happned...everything seems good the last time I drove it...anything 2 check..????

I just had the same thing happen this week.

Had my tranny flushed last friday for $193.00 and everything seemed fine until tuesday of this week when i went to pass a car at around 45mph and my tranny kicked down a gear and then just flashed.... no more tranny

Took it out of ther car wednesday and noticed that the stator splines are stripped...

Not saying thats what your problem is but its sounds alot like my situation..
well i guess im gna have to take it down n see what might have happnd...
any other thoughts???? its like i jst happnd over time without even driving it
well i guess im gna have to take it down n see what might have happnd...
any other thoughts???? its like i jst happnd over time without even driving it

Check the basics first.... fluid level, TV cable, etc.
checked fluid level...its good tried the tv adjustment and went 1 click less shift was not ass hard but still not good enough..trans even at moderate throttle it wnt shift good. rpms go pretty high and thats when you hear that slight grinding noise or rattle cant really tell??? anything else guys
really need help here....even if i dare to tear into the trans i am not sure what to look for...used search forum n came up with governor... so i guess im going to tackle that...doing the search i see that most governor problems occur if the tranny wont shift at all...mine does shift just at a high rpm and very sluggish.. so do i need the governor or just the spring???
tv cable looks attached.. so i did some search n mostly came up with the governor spring.. pulled the governor out and there is still a light blue spring in the light weight...
as you can see the governor gears look good no chips in it.. and one spring on the light weight....should there be 2 springs...or am i looking at another problem.. like stated before car shifts but at very high rpm even after tv adjustment... i have only gotten it up to 3 gear and all were late shifts... any1 pls help i need this car running asap...any suggestions would be helpful


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Pull out the trans,remove the convertor. Then look at the exposed splines that come out of the pump. Most likely they are stripped. Remove pump and install new stator support $12 need a press. Reinstall TC,reinstall TC back in business. If this not the issue I would say overhual time with a fresh convertor.
oh wow that much work... if this is the last suggestion i have no choice but to tackle it this weekend... will post some last minute pics of the trans with the pan off just incase you see something not normal..
These cars can be a lot of work....unless they sit for long periods;) Def high maintenance cars.
oh trust me mine was sitting for a while with very low use about 100 miles since i bought n obviously these r the reason...broken part after part after part...who wants to help throw it off a cliff :D