Trans wont come out of park!


Aug 11, 2003
The transmission is fine to drive, but it just wont come out of drive. The cable is fine and all hooked up. So I dropped the pan and found this. What is this and where does it go, and thats an aweful lot of metal in the bottom!!
No trans noise (at least that I can hear, car is kinda loud), the metal is definitely magnetic. Everything appears connected and working fine on the internal side of the linkage. I can manually go thru all gears by moving the linkage. The pin is definitely missing from the location you linked to. Will reinstalling this fix the problem, or do I have other problems now? More importantly why did this just fall out? Ive had the trans for years.
I just realized my heading for my original post says park. That is not the problem. The car will not come out of drive. The car when started will try and move unless you have to brakes mashed. The shifter does absolutely nothing.
Maybe it's just the angle of the 3rd picture but where is the lever that operates the throttle valve?