Translator Pro

For those of us who have to go through emissions testing, I was just wondering if it will pass the visual inspection without a maf on the car? I would hate to spend the money on one of these things then have to buy a maf anyway. Just wondering if anyone has any imput on this. Thanks
Just my 2 cents but i have only seen them do a visual inspection after a car fails ; so as long as you dont fail you will be ok [at least in the St. Louis Area] - also 99.9% of the idiots that open your hood dont know what anything is anyway... i always have to point out everything.... at least when i failed the test :eek:
I've run my car through twice in the past two weeks and failed both times. It would however be my luck that the idiot looking under the hood might know what a maf sensor is. Why is it these guys look under the hood anyway? Your right that most don't know what there looking at under the hood but I am at the mercy of the emissions station employees. I'm not sure if my maf is even bad but for the price of a translator with a maf and the new translator pro,the pro looks mighty inviting. I'm going to try the emissions chip and new O2 and see what happens.