transmission rebuild experience


Just wanted to post up some feedback on my recent transmission rebuild experience...

I had a little mishap several months ago and toasted the transmission in my '87 GN. I didn't have the money to rebuild it right away so I parked the car and started researching parts vendors and transmission builders. After numerous phone conversations with Bruce and Mark at Performance Transmission Services (PTS Xtreme Transmissions) in Sacramento, California and Jack Laswell of International Motorcars in Rowlett, Texas, I got everything lined up for the rebuild.

Bruce and Mark at PTS were very helpful and patient with me and all my questions. I really believe they were very serious about selling me only the parts I needed, no more, no less. Bruce also went "the extra mile" and stayed late at his shop to make sure my parts were shipped out on time. He was short handed that day and took the time to call me that afternoon and again that evening to make sure everything was right.

For anyone who doesn't know him, Jack Laswell owns International Motorcars in Rowlett off of Hwy 66 and he is a fellow Lone Star Performance Buick Club member. He has many years of experience working on turbo Buicks and the 200 4R transmission. I've dealt with Jack on several other occassions and he is always very professional yet still makes me feel like a personal friend. I explained the situation with my transmission and what kind of rebuild I had in mind. He gave me lots of good advice and made several recomendations. He also took the time to show me the internals of a 200 4R and explained how different modifications work. Once my transmission was out of the car, Jack was able to quickly diagnose the failure and the extent of the damage. He came up with a "shopping list" of transmission parts and was willing to work with me on parts sourcing. He didn't have any problem with me purchasing most of the parts from PTS instead of through him. Once the parts arrived, Jack had the transmission back together ready to go in no time. Now the transmission in my GN performs exactly like I wanted it to! It makes me grin everytime it shifts!

Thanks to Bruce and Mark at PTS and Jack Laswell at International Motorcars for helping me get my GN back on the road! All of these guys are first class professionals and I would recommend at least talking to them if you are getting ready to rebuild the 200 4R in your Buick. :D

Thanks for reading,
Rob Pinkston