Trying to buy 86 GN..Advice needed please


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Feb 12, 2006
I am going to look at an 86 gn this weekend with 160,000 miles. nothing rebuilt all stock. I really want one bad but i want to know what to look for mechanically, How do i tell if its mechanically sound? i know you guys on here could give me some good suggestions. I dont know too much about them yet. could the motor turbo and trans all work good even with all those miles? thanks in advance for any help.

the car is in ohio body ok...thats what I do. i want to know what to look for mechanically on these cars and if one w/160k is even worth it. oh yea i live in md.

Thanks for the link, exactly what i was looking for. Can they still run 12 something after 160k miles? without being rebuilt?
Probably run low to mid 14's depending on tires, air temp, track temp, elevation. My 87 with 33K ran best of 13.6 with a Terry Houston DP and 2.5 ATR exhaust and minor tuning.
87 as a comparison...

my 87 ran 13.9@98 with just a test pipe.

it was in the upper 80's that day with 95% humidity so not too shabby.............