Trying to find my old GN...

No idea where this car got... but was hoping someone here might recognize the engine compartment... since most GN's look alike otherwise. lol
Sold the car around 2009/2010 to a guy in Oregon... who then sold it to a guy in Tennessee... who sold it to unknown.


Anthony P

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try running a carfax report or equivalent to look for current location of title and/or registration events. Once you know those results, try a post in that geographic section on the forum asking for more info. Good Luck.
I live in TN and know a lot of T/B owners here in the state, I can personally say I have never seen that engine build.
That was nice build you had almost 10 years ago. Like Anthony P said I would start by running the VIN #. You
did confirmed one thing for me ,once a T/B owner, odds are you hooked. I'm a T/B owner for over 31 years.
I wish you the very best luck in your search for your previous love !!
Wish I still had the VIN.
Moved several times since selling the car... so no idea where any old records or paperwork might be.
That was my 3rd and last Turbo Buick.
Would consider buying it back or buying another if I found a deal on one.
Last toy was a supercharged C6 Vette @ 636RWHP.... so those are still on my radar too. lol