Trying to get back in a buick!


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May 23, 2001
Just sticking my foot in the water.. Been probably close to 10 years since I've had one. Used to be a regular on this board for years. Trying to get back in a TR (86-87 only).

Prefer to trade my Jeep for one (up or down a bit is fine)..
It is a 2005 TJ Sport, 4.0 L6 w/6spd, 123k miles with a lot of upgrades..
Lifted on brand new 33's, Cold A/C, brand new clutch, slave cyl, throwout bearing last week, 9500lb winch, aftermarket front bumper. Lockers front and rear, LED headlights, LED pods, LED light bar, Bushwacker flares, quick disconnects, rocker guards/steps, nice stereo system (woofers, amp, etc.). Superchip programmer, etc. etc..

Thanks.. I don't have pictures yet but will get some.

Anyone interested let me know.
Picture of jeep...


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This is for sale, no trades.


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Not busting your chops, but most people who have tried to trade vehicles that will lose value for these cars that will only go up in value have very little luck. Sell your Jeep and start shopping for the car you really want.
I agree with GN's a lot easier to get what you are looking for a with a wad of $100's then trying a trade. I attempted a trade on my car last year for a TR. I passed on offers I should have taken on my prev car and ended up losing out on $2000 trying to squeeze another $500 out of a serious cash buyer.

In the end I got my Nova sold, got the cash, and the world opened up on what I could get because it was cold hard cash with not strings attached.