Trying to install driveshaft loop? driveshaft being a pain


Little engine that could
May 25, 2001
As stated above, I removed the 4 bolts in the rear that attach the DS to the differential, with car in neutral, it wont budge. Any tips, or am I missing something? Hammertime?
Is car jacked up/supported by frame so rear end is hanging? If supported by rear end, the DS my be nearly at it's travel limit forward into the trans and won't go any farther forward. Let rear end hang, and then hammertime... easy though!! ;)
With the car's rear axle hanging, you should be able to slip the driveshaft forward inside the transmission just enough to clear the rear yoke enabling you to pull the driveshaft out...If it's stuck in the rear yoke, use a little pry bar between the yoke and u-joint to loosen it...
Good luck!

Claude. :)
Yup. they can get stuck in the rearend petty good sometimes, but a little work with a prybar should free it up. SHouldn't need to hammer on it.
I didnt have the car rear in the air, thats probably what it was. I'll put it on jackstands. Thanks.
be careful of the needle bearings inside the cups.They are on the ends of the u-joint ......dont let the cups fall off.
i always just use a screwdriver and give it alittle pry. it will pop loose
If the trans yoke is twisted at all, and his combo will , the driveline will not move forward. You have to gain clearance on the rear.