TTA 1401 soon back


Mr Miyagi
Oct 6, 2003
Well I thought I would put another vehicle number out there.. ive had this thing probably going on 4 years now and it looks like here in the next couple of weeks I'll be putting here back on the streets.. something about a crank that snapped in 2 that kept her parked... the new motor goes in this week and then tuning next week...
Buick VS Ford shootout here I come!!!

Did you get TTA1401 back on the road? Just checking up on my old cars.
I was the second owner of 1401. I called it "FreddyB". The original owner was a guy named Fred Bedford. He lived up in New Hampshire and it was his daily driver. He also had a GNX and two Impala SS's. I got the car with 120K miles on it and had the car 3 or 4 years and sold it with around 125K miles to a guy in Oklahoma....I guess Ryan?
I drove it all the way from NH to Houston...
Hope that gives u a little history.